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Cantax FormMaster
The tax forms you need, the data you need to manage

If you find yourself spending too much time searching for tax forms and entering the same data over and over again, there’s an easier way.

With FormMaster, you have a tax form library and data manager right on your computer, so you can save time and improve the accuracy of your data.
  • Access up to 175 tax forms with FormMaster and more than 375 with FormMaster Gold
  • Locate CRA and other provincial tax authority forms quickly by keyword search
  • Cross-reference information entered in another form
  • Stay up to date with the latest Canada tax forms updates

Other time-saving features
  • No need to flip back and forth between tax forms and enter the same data twice. FormMaster quickly cross-references the correct field in the source form.
  • Data, documents and notes are rolled forward year to year, so you can easily access spreadsheets and simple reminders with the appropriate form - no need to enter again.

Increase your T4 and T5 efficiency
Cantax FormMaster can help you reduce errors, time and costs.
  • File slips over the Internet, on CD or DVD
  • Easily find the generated slips to submit using our handy wizard guide
  • Quickly convert files from AvanTax eForms software

Make quick work of preparing trust returns
Cantax FormMaster includes the full set of T3 forms and calculations.
  • Allocate income evenly to up to 20 beneficiaries, or specify a percentage allocation for each beneficiary
  • Generate T3 automatically

Choose the FormMaster that’s right for you
FormMaster Over 175 CRA slips and tax forms, including:
  • T4, T4A, T4A-NR, T4PS, T4RIF, T4RSP
  • T5, T10, T101, T106, T2202A, T5008, T5013, T5018
  • NR4 slips and summaries
  • T5013 partnership return
  • T3010 charity return
  • T3 trust return
FormMaster Gold Over 375 slips and tax forms - all of the above and many more including:
  • T4A-RCA and T737-RCA slips and summaries
  • Forms for source withholdings and sales tax, including most GST forms

Help when you need it
Simply press F1 to access instructions on how to use the field you’re working on. If you need additional direction, you can always call our Tax Support team.
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Canada Tax Forms

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