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Cantax T1Plus
The tax software that professionals depend on for personal taxes

Cantax T1Plus has all the tools you need to work at peak efficiency during tax season. You can accomplish more with Cantax T1 in less time, allowing you to stay focused on providing value-added services.

Process T1 personal tax returns faster and with greater accuracy.
  • T1 tax returns processed in as fast as two weeks
  • Powerful diagnostics help you catch costly errors
  • Monitor and track your EFILE return status, generate reports and manage your workflow
Flexible Solutions Flexible Solutions

There's a Cantax T1Plus option for every size of office:

Returns Users
T1Plus Home Office 15 Single User only
T1Plus Small Office 50 Single User only
T1Plus Unlimited Please contact customer service for multi user pricing

Family returns
Populate data fields automatically across family returns.
  • Calculate optimal income tax return savings using the entire family’s data
  • Data carries forward to next year’s return

Pension income splitting
Maximize your clients’ tax savings, even in the crunch of tax season.
  • Split pension income for maximum tax savings with one click
  • Automatically calculate optimal pension income allocations based on data in the return

Save time entering data. Last year’s income tax return information is carried forward automatically.

Catch more than 1,500 errors – before you file.
  • Go to flagged data with one click
  • Access last year’s data, or compare this year’s data to last year

Make adjustments without having to manually find and update specific lines within the T1 tax return. You’ll be able to generate the changed return – and the spouse’s return – much more quickly.

Wealth Planner
Help your clients make better decisions for the future.
Cantax Wealth Planner combines information from the return with your estimates and assumptions and presents a range of potential situations based on different projections. Estimate tax liability for the coming year and create multiple what-if scenarios. Wealth Planner tools include:
  • Lifetime Tax Planner
  • Investment Tax Planner
  • Family RRSP/RRIF Investment Planner
  • Education Savings Planner
  • Employee Benefits Planner

Easily find what you need in a T1 return.

Pathfinder tracks and lists information you enter in a handy, scrollable list. Click on a value you entered and you’re taken right to the field.

Help when you need it
  • Help is built in. Just right-click to find information directly pertaining to the field you’re working on.
  • For more extensive help, simply cross-reference the electronic version of Wolters Kluwer Canada’s popular reference guide, Preparing Your Personal Tax Returns®, available at an extra cost. Simply right-click and select Tax Research to jump to the appropriate page of the reference guide.
  • Speak to a live agent. As Canada’s recognized industry leader, we have Canada’s foremost tax research team, and we’re available when you need us.
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