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T2 Pay-Per-File

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Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File
When you file only a few tax returns a year, choose the right corporate tax software

Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File is the perfect cost-saving solution for tax professionals who prepare a low volume of tax returns.

Download the free T2 corporate tax return software and pay only for tax returns you actually file. The cost for each tax return, whether paper filing or Internet filing, is only $222. That can mean significant savings over purchasing a higher-priced tax package.

How Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File tax software works
  1. Install Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File tax software.
  2. Connect. When you have completed a corporate return and are ready to print or file electronically, select Purchase Return from the File menu. You will be asked to confirm the tax return's business number and taxation year start/end dates.
  3. Purchase. A series of dialog boxes will take you through the purchase process. You will be prompted to enter your identification and credit card information.
  4. Print or File. When the purchase is authorized, you can print the return or file it using Corporation Internet Filing.
Cantax T2 Per-Per-File

Cantax T2 Per-Per-File

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