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T2 Pay-Per-File

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I EFILE the tax return?
Yes. The Corporation Internet Filing service is available in Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program.

Can I file a Québec tax return with Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File?
No. The Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program covers all jurisdictions except Québec.

If I prepare a corporate tax return with Cantax T2 or T2Plus, will I be able to read the file with Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File?
You can load the tax return and examine all the tax forms on your screen. You will not be able to print or EFILE the tax return using the Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program unless you purchase the tax return.

If I find that I’m preparing more corporate tax returns than I expected this year, can I purchase Cantax T2Plus and receive a credit for the returns I have already purchased?
You can purchase the Cantax T2Plus program at any time. However, we will not be able to issue credits for tax returns purchased individually. The Cantax T2Plus (unlimited) program is sold on a yearly subscription basis, whereas the Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program is sold on a per-return basis.

If I have a yearly subscription to Cantax T2 or T2Plus, can I switch to Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File and get a credit for the unused time left on my Cantax T2 subscription?
No. You should use your Cantax T2 product until the subscription period ends and then switch to Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File.

If I decide to switch to a full version of Cantax T2, what do I need to do?
You will need to uninstall the Pay-Per-File version, and then install the new full version. The full version of Cantax T2 has different installation requirements.

How do I handle software updates and carryforwards with Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File?
Since the software is free, you can download and install a newer version at any time. You can update Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File returns to a subsequent version or use the File/Carry Forward command in the program.

I have some late returns to file for tax years previous to what this version will process. How can I prepare those late returns on a pay-per-file basis?
If you need to prepare late returns that require a previous version of Cantax T2, you can purchase our Cantax Archives, which contains all previous Cantax T2Plus tax programs.

If I install the Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File program on more than one computer, can I prepare and purchase a T2 return on one computer and print the return on another computer?
Yes. The individual tax return file itself carries the record of purchase, so that file can be printed using any Cantax T2 product with a compatible version number.

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