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Cantax T2Plus
A powerful workhorse for corporate tax returns

Cantax T2Plus has been the go-to T2 tax software for Canadian professionals for over 30 years, with good reason. It’s the better way to navigate tricky corporate tax returns easily and accurately, so you can get back to the business of offering value-added services.

Everything you need, anywhere you are
Cantax T2Plus supports corporation income tax returns in every province and territory except Québec1. And whether your clients do business in one or all of the provinces and territories, you’re prepared. All calculations and common forms are included, plus:
  • You don’t need to remember the name of every lesser-known form – simply perform a keyword search
  • Clients with all kinds of year-end dates? One version of Cantax T2Plus can handle them all.

There’s a Cantax solution for every size of tax preparation firm.

Cantax T2Plus lets you file an unlimited number of returns.
But what if you have simpler needs?
  • If you prepare only 1 or 2 corporate tax returns, choose Cantax T2 Pay-Per-File with Corporation Internet Filing (CIF) and pay only for what you file.
  • If you prepare 3 or fewer corporate returns, our Cantax T2 tax software is a great value, with or without CIF.

Productivity features save you time and effort
  • Coverage for part of the current calendar year and roughly two previous tax years
  • Customizable, ready-to-use templates for client letters, invoices, mailing labels and more
  • Completing a form that’s required on separate filings or documents? You can "clone" certain forms to create an extra copy, so you can improve accuracy and save time.

Increase your efficiency and help more clients
  • Cantax T2Plus has the same easy interface as T1, so you can be off and running almost immediately with those corporate tax returns.
  • In addition to inputting data directly to the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI), you can import data from other accounting or bookkeeping programs, then attach the files to the return for quick reference, along with client correspondence/emails.
  • Save time and increase accuracy, as GIFI information flows automatically to the appropriate field for easy one-time data entry.
  • Create a virtual "paper tape" showing detailed breakdowns of totals in any field to verify your work.
  • Insert review notes to a cell or to the whole return. Use them to communicate with others working on the file or simply to note key issues that need consideration.
  • Double-check and verify important data with built-in features like automated tax calculations, prompts and diagnostics.

Corporate income tax return
See the big picture – on one screen
Offering multi-year analysis and advice can mean better client retention for you, so we’ve made it easy for you to review key information with a single keystroke.
  • Income statements and balance sheets now fit on one page. No need to flip or scroll around to see the information you need.
  • Five-year tax snapshot presented in side-by-side columns. Compare multiple tax years easily, without leaving the current year’s return.
  • Data carried forward seamlessly. No importing, no data entry.

Help when you need it with your Cantax T2 tax software
  • Help is built in. Just right-click to find information directly pertaining to the field you’re working on.
  • For more extensive help, simply cross-reference the electronic version of Wolters Kluwer Canada’s popular reference guide, Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns®2, available at an extra cost. Simply right-click and select Tax Research to jump to the appropriate page of the reference guide.
  • Speak to a live agent. As Canada’s recognized industry leader, we have Canada’s foremost tax research team, and we’re available when you need us.

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Corporate income tax return

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