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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corporation Internet Filing?
Corporation Internet Filing is a means to electronically transmit the information contained in a corporate tax return directly to the CRA via the Internet.

Are there eligibility criteria?
With the exception of insurance companies, all corporations can use Corporation Internet Filing to file their income tax returns.

Visit the CRA website for more information on returns that can be filed electronically with the CRA.

What if I am already registered for EFILE?
The CIF system is partnered with EFILE to provide "one-stop" registration for tax professionals who file both individual and corporation income tax returns electronically on behalf of their clients. If you are a tax professional who is already registered to EFILE individual income tax returns, you are automatically registered to transmit corporation income tax returns, and will use the same EFILE login information.

Can the corporation transmit its own income tax return?
Yes, provided they have a Web Access Code. They can contact the CRA's Corporation Internet Filing Help Desk at 1-800-959-2803 to make a request. The code will be mailed to them within a few days.

Is the CIF client authorization process different from the T1 EFILE On-Line/EFILE authorization process?
No, it is quite similar. For personal tax return purposes, the client must sign Form T183. In the case of corporate returns, the signing officer must sign Form T183CORP.

What do I need to use the CIF service?
You will need an Internet connection, the Cantax Corporation Internet Filing module and a browser that supports Transport Layer Security (TLS). The CRA recommends upgrading to a browser that supports TLS 1.2. You must also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser settings.

What are the costs involved?
CIF is included in select Cantax T2 subscriptions. See our order information page for details.

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