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Cantax Products
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Time to buy tax software? Cantax has all the tax preparation solutions that you need!

To buy Cantax tax software simply fill out
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Cantax T1    Price
T1Plus Home Office (15 returns) Single-user only $144.00
T1Plus* Home Office with EFILE (15 returns) Single-user only $195.00
T1Plus* Small Office (50 returns) Single-user only $417.00
T1Plus* (Unlimited returns) Multi-user pricing applies $551.00
* Includes EFILE

 Cantax T2    Price
T2 Pay-Per-File   $199.00
T2 (3 returns) Single-user only $405.00
T2 With Corporation Internet Filing (3 returns) Single-user only $562.00
T2Plus (Unlimited returns) Multi-user pricing applies $759.00
T2Plus With Corporation Internet Filing (Unlimited returns) Multi-user pricing applies $1,090.00

Cantax FormMaster *  Price
FormMaster (200+ forms) $278.00
FormMaster Gold (450+ forms) $659.00
* FormMaster includes T3

Cantax TaxSuites - Small Office (50 T1 returns; 3 T2 returns)   Price
Platinum (Small Office) T1Plus Small Office, T2, FormMaster Single-user only $1,047.00
Gold (Small Office) T1Plus Small Office, T2 Single-user only $801.00
Corporate Internet Filing Add CIF to your "Small Office" TaxSuite   $131.00

Cantax TaxSuites - Unlimited   Price
Platinum (unlimited) T1Plus, T2Plus and FormMaster Gold Multi-user pricing applies $1,760.00
Gold (unlimited) T1Plus, T2Plus and FormMaster Multi-user pricing applies $1,438.00
Corporate Internet Filing Add CIF to your "Unlimited" TaxSuite   $265.00

 Cantax Archives  Price
Cantax Archives - 2015 Edition (List Price*) $119.00
Cantax Archives 2015 Edition Order Form
* Order Early and Save
When you go on Standing Order and purchase your Cantax Archives 2015 DVD -- save up to $20 today, and automatically receive the lowest price available each year. Order Today.

 Other Product  Price
CCH iScan details

Prices are subject to change without notice.

  Single-user only
  Multi-user pricing applies

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