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Cantax Products
Terms and Conditions of Sale

Products and Services
The products and services of Wolters Kluwer Limited ("Wolters Kluwer") are designed to provide current, authoritative information. The company is not, however, engaged in rendering any form of professional advice, which should be sought from a competent professional in the relevant field.

Internet and CD ROM products
The use of any Cantax Internet or CD ROM product is subject to the terms of the license agreement applicable to that product.

Subscription Period
Cantax products are sold on a subscription basis. Our software products have a 12 month subscription period, after which time you will receive an automatic renewal invoice. Your invoice will be sent to you 6 weeks prior to the renewal date. If you do not wish to renew at that time, you must return the invoice by fax or by mail with a letter requesting a cancellation.

Cancellation and refund policy
No refund will be granted for Cantax products unless the product is returned unopened in its original packaging within the 30 days following the automatic renewal date on your invoice. To receive a refund, the software must be returned in full (including relevant documents and diskettes) with a letter stating the reason for the return. Downloads require a written confirmation that all versions are no longer installed on company or personal computers.

Products shipped or available for download prior to the date of automatic renewal (1st releases of T1 and FormMaster products) are subject to refund only when returned unopened (including relevant documents and diskettes) in the original packaging or uninstalled on company and personal computers within the 30 days following the delivery/download of the software.

License adjustments
If you wish to exchange or upgrade a product at some point during your 12 month subscription period, a prorated amount (debit or credit) will immediately be issued to your account in accordance with the number of months remaining on your original subscription period*. The shipping and handling fees will not, however, be credited. An invoice for your new product or service will be issued at the end of your current subscription period. *credits may not apply to certain products.

Shipping and handling
All Cantax products available on CD ROM are subject to annual shipping and handling charges (includes 1st releases and all updates). No additional shipping and handling charges are billed to download versions. Please check at the time of ordering, to determine if any such charges apply to the product or service you are ordering.

Tax Reference Booklets
The Cantax Tax Reference Booklets are not returnable after 30 days unless subject to prior written agreement. Shipping and handling charges are applicable.

Wolters Kluwer reserves the right to change advertised prices and any associated charges without advance notice. Prices are net of any applicable federal and/or provincial taxes unless specifically quoted or otherwise referenced in writing. While Wolters Kluwer makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of it's invoicing, it is understood that the failure to invoice a relevant tax does not remove the purchaser's liability for same.

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Payment Terms
Invoices for subscription products are issued on an annual basis with a payment-due date corresponding to the first day of the subscription period. Invoices for all other products are payable upon receipt.

Overdue Accounts
Wolters Kluwer reserves the right and where deemed necessary will exercise the right to subject overdue accounts to a 1.5% interest charge per month (18% per year)

New accounts
All orders from new customers are placed on a prepaid basis unless they have been subject to prior credit approval.

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