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Troubleshooting Memo Update - Network version of the Cantax Help not displayed
Date: 2018-June-19

Troubleshooting Memo Update

The network version of the Cantax Help has not been displaying since the last Windows 7 and Windows 10 updates

Three updates performed by Microsoft on May 8, 2018, had repercussions on the use of Help files when the latter are used from a network location. Therefore, the Help no longer displays correctly if you are using a Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

To use the Cantax Help, copy your network CHM Help files to your local disk. However, note that the contextual Help will no longer be available with this solution.

This situation will be corrected in future version of Cantax.


To consult the different training sessions available, access the “Training” section of the Cantax Web site. To do so, in Cantax T2, select Help, Cantax on the Web and Get Cantax Training.

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