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Who uses Cantax?
Business consultants use Cantax.

Bernie is married with three kids. He’s lived in several locations in Western Canada including West Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary but is currently settled in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Bernie started out his accounting career as a business consultant for winding down and starting up businesses. He opened his business BJP Financial three years ago. He had started his CA designation early in his career, but “life happens” and he opted not to finish the program.

BJP Financial concentrates on “core” accounting services such as bookkeeping, tax and business consulting for small businesses. He also still does start-up consulting for small businesses.

Bernie and Cantax

Bernie has been using Cantax T2Plus for more than 15 years, even before Cantax was taken over by Wolters Kluwer. His main reasons for staying with Cantax over the years are the stability and the low price.

Cantax product of choice - TaxSuite Gold with Corporation Internet Filing

Bernie prepares roughly 50 T1 and 30 T2 returns annually. With this level of volume, he uses the economical Cantax TaxSuite Gold with Corporation Internet Filing. This gives him unlimited T1 returns with EFILE, unlimited T2 returns with Corporation Internet Filing, and FormMaster with more than 175 different forms. It provides excellent value and, with the electronic filing, saves a significant amount of time and effort.

Favourite Cantax feature

PDF capability. Bernie really likes the convenience of being able to print the return to PDF. Plus he also likes the reduction in key typing with the GIFI carry forward.

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