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Who uses Cantax?
Chartered Accountants use Cantax.

When he was still in high school in Hanover, Ontario, he was introduced to the Chartered Accounting profession by his uncle who was a CA.

His uncle encouraged Lorne to join a local CA firm in Hanover where he articled as a student-in-accounts and eventually obtained his CA designation.

After graduating, Lorne left public practice and spent two years as chief internal auditor with a large hotel chain. When an opportunity to become a partner in a small CA firm presented itself, Lorne jumped at the chance.

He soon discovered that the income tax world had changed a great deal since his student days, the new 1971 Income Tax Act had just been introduced. To get up to speed quickly, Lorne took the CICA in-depth Income Tax course that, upon completion, made him the resident expert tax partner in his firm.

Lorne and Cantax

Lorne has been using Cantax since the late 1980s, when it was first introduced to the market. This was well before Cantax was bought by Wolters Kluwer.

Why has Lorne stayed with Cantax for so many years? In his own words, “Cantax works for me. If it’s not broken, don't fix it. I have tested other tax software, but have not found a good reason to switch.”

Lorne has recommended Cantax to colleagues in the past and will continue to recommend Cantax to other tax preparers.

Cantax product of choice - TaxSuite Silver

With a volume of T1 and T2 returns numbering in the hundreds, Lorne’s product of choice is the economical Cantax TaxSuite Silver. This cost-effective bundle gives him unlimited T1 returns, unlimited T2 returns, and FormMaster, which contains more than 175 different forms.

Favourite Cantax feature

The invoice feature. Lorne tells us that he really likes the invoice feature in the Cantax T1 software because it saves him a lot of time when invoicing his clients.

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