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Who uses Cantax?
Financial Planners use Cantax.

In a way, income taxes are in Robert’s genes. His great-uncle and namesake was Robert L. Borden, the 8th prime minister of Canada and the person who introduced Canada’s first income tax, a whopping 2% to help pay for our role in WWI.

Robert graduated from McGill University in 1952 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He spent the next several years in a variety of positions with McLeod Young Weir (now Scotia McLeod) where he gained a wealth of financial and investment experience. Through his work in investments, he came upon an opportunity in the personal and estate tax area.

He had discovered that some of his elderly clientele were being charged exorbitant fees by the larger accounting firms for tax services. As a result, he decided to establish a seasonal tax preparation practice in addition to his full-time finance career. He offered the same services as the larger firms but for a much lower fee. His business grew quickly and he soon found himself overwhelmed by the volume. Fortunately, a colleague recommended Cantax.

Robert and Cantax

After more than 30 years of preparing taxes, Robert is now winding down his tax business. And with the exception of his earliest years in practice, Robert has been a Cantax customer.

Robert discovered Cantax at a time when his tax preparation practice was being pushed to its limits. With the annual number of returns approaching 300, Robert was finding it impossible to keep up with the volume.

On the advice of a colleague, Robert tried Cantax and his productivity problems were immediately solved. He’s been using Cantax, and recommending it to others ever since.

Cantax product of choice - T1Plus Small Office

Now with a relatively low-volume practice, Robert uses Cantax T1Plus Small Office, the lowest cost, full-featured T1 program on the market. It gives him 50 T1 returns and is loaded with time-saving features and tools. He also uses FormMaster with unlimited copies of more than 1200 different forms for preparing estates and trusts.

Favourite Cantax feature

Good Value. If you do a number of returns, you’re able to choose a Cantax package that’s right for the amount that you do. And that means good value.

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