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Who uses Cantax?
CGAs use Cantax.

Originally from Ontario, Terry now lives in Moncton since attending Allison College for university a few years back. In short, Terry is a very busy fellow. A family man with a wife and two children, Terry also wears two hats in the business world, owning and running two businesses.

Terry is one of the original owners of Ledgers Canada, opening the first franchise in 1994. He was involved in the development of some of the systems that are still in place today and continues to operate his Ledgers franchise. His other business is a TimePlus franchise, offering payroll and human resources services to Atlantic corporations.

In 2001, after 13 years as a bookkeeper, Terry earned his CGA designation. It was a move designed to keep up with the increasing demands of his growing clientele, which has since grown even faster.

Terry and Cantax

Terry was originally a Taxbyte customer and when Wolters Kluwer took over Taxbyte in 2001, Terry converted to Cantax, a move he has never regretted.

Although Taxbyte was a good enough product, they didn’t offer the service and support needed to keep him happy. In other words, they didn’t offer the kind of service and support that has made Cantax the leader in their field.

Terry has used Cantax ever since and has been recommending Cantax to colleagues all along and will continue to recommend Cantax to other tax preparers.

Cantax product of choice - Cantax TaxSuite Gold

With his high number of tax returns — 500 T1 and 50 T2 — Terry has chosen the bundled savings offered by Cantax TaxSuite Gold. For one low price he gets unlimited T1 returns with EFILE, unlimited T2 returns, and FormMaster, which gives him unlimited copies of more than 175 different forms.

Favourite Cantax feature

Excellent support. Wolters Kluwer offers the right level of software support and tax support to complement a solid product.

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